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  • Educate
    It is important that our children 
    are being properly educated 
    about who they are and where they come from.
  • Empower
    Self discovery is the greatest
    empowerment tool that we
    can give ourselves and our children.
  • Elevate
    We want to set a standard 
    of greatness in our children 
    that sets them apart from 
    their other counter parts.
  • Restore
    We as a black race have 
    to take back our power 
    and our crowns.
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    Let's R.O.A.R.

    Our book, which will be sold on this platform alongside several others,  focuses on restoring royalty back into the us as individuals and into the black family unit. We plan to achieve this through the use of principles that aim to rebuild in an effort to start generating open conversations about possible new solutions geared towards change. We plan to strengthen and empower us as a people to help resolve some of our developmental, emotional, and psychological struggles that have lead to bad decision making, low self esteem, feeling of brokenness and lack of feeling worthy or that we are enough.

    • Bridging the gap between Africans and African Americans
    • Learn about African Languages
    • Learn about African History
    • Learn about Africa
    • Positive learning environment
    • Friendly and welcoming place
    • Learn about African Traditions
    • Learn about African Languages
    • Learn about African and African American Culture
  • About R.O.A.R.

    Let's Take A Royal Voyage to Africa

    It is our goal to make this platform a resource and knowledge hub. We aim to create a welcoming feel that lets you know that you are now a part of our family, because we are all in this together. Your challenges are my challenges and there is always strength in numbers. Let’s learn, grow, and make an impact in our race together.


  • We Strive To Be A ResourceAnd To Promote.

    • A strong sense of self discovery
    • Identity and self awareness
    • Wholeness and a sense of belonging
    • Positive family bonds
    • Healthy self development and transformation
    • Strong community ties
  • I Am A Strong BlackPrince/Princess.

    • I Am Smart
    • I Am Enough
    • I Am A Masterpiece
    • I Am Worthy
    • I Am Handsome/Beautiful
    • I Am Powerful
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