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  • Let's Take A Voyage To Africa.

    We strive to be a resource for you and your family to use to learn about African Culture.

    We aim to create a welcoming feel that lets you know that you  are now a part of our family because we are all in this together. Your challenges  are my challenges and there is always strength  in numbers.  Let’s learn,  grow, and make an impact on our race together.

  • About OurFounder.

    Janael Palmer
    Janael Palmer, the founder of Nubian Dynasty, ROAR Restoring Original African Royalty is from Sierra Leone, West Africa and came to the states at age 6 in the early 90’s. Her late father brought her and her mom over to the States in search of a better life and for better opportunities. Growing up in America as a child was a little difficult, her peers that looked like her teased her for being African and the ones that didn’t look like her didn’t like her much.
    I had a hard time comprehending how people that resembled me did not want to be my friend, but instead were mean to me. It was later that I realized that they were struggling from other life traumas and pains that I myself did not understand at that age or knew anything about. The older I got the more I realized there was something missing in some of my peers lives that caused them to cope in negative ways. My children’s father Kline Green is from Baltimore, Maryland and we have two boys together, named Kline Jr and Kadin, and the boy’s older sister. Being that both he and I experienced lots of culture clashes in our relationship due to our lack of understanding of each other’s cultural differences and upbringing, we decided to explore why. We had to find common ground and realized that our differences are what made us unique and would be the foundation on which we raise strong well rounded children.  In our quest, R.O.A.R. was birthed.
  • Our Why.

    We want to invite you, your children, your family and blacks all over the world to share and join us on this journey of self discovery and learning more about Africa.

    Nubian Dynasty R.O.A.R. (Restore Original African Royalty) is emerging during a sensitive time in our country when race still plays a major role in how we are treated and valued by the world. We realize now more than ever that we as parents need to start laying the right foundations early on for our children so that we can help them to be a part of the solutions. We need to ensure that they will have the knowledge and confidence they need to stand out during these times. We are hoping to use this platform to start helping to bridge the cultural gap between all of us as a black race no matter where we reside and to be able to join together as allies and fight the good fight for racial injustice towards our people. We want to aid in breaking that cycle of trauma and pain reaction that many still feel due to displacement and a lack of that sense of identity. We feel that our book and this platform would be a great opportunity to start a movement to enlighten and empower our children and ourselves about who we are and where we come from. Children are very impressionable, so we as the parents and loved ones want to be sure that we are the ones teaching them early on and planting the seeds of greatness in them. We have to be the ones that help them to be able to view themselves in a positive way prior to them getting in the classroom and world so that they will be able to influence and manipulate their thinking. Our children should have identity and pride  as African Americans. No one should be able to shape who they are for them or be able to group them into boxes that they do not belong in.

    • I Am Enough
    • I Am A Masterpiece
    • I Am Worthy
    • I AM Smart
    • I Am Powerful
    • I Am Strong
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