Our Classes

  • Our Classes

    We plan to offer live in depth teaching classes on Africa and African American History in the near future.
  • Our online classes aim to teach our children about their African Heritage.

  • We will learn things such as the different languages, African History, food, and culture. We are so excited for you to take a journey to Africa with us. Let’s Go!

  • Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

    • Who they are and where they come from
    • Bridge the gap that exists between Africans, African Americans, and other blacks in the world
    • Teach them about both their African and American history
    • Teach them that the only difference between Africans, African Americans, African Caribbean's, African Hispanics, and blacks all over
    • To make sure they are educated and understand the power that they hold
  • Virtual Field Trips

    We will take a virtual voyage to Africa and emerge ourselves in the culture.

    Live Classes

    We will have instructors that will teach cooking classes, languages, and much more..


    We will be updating our galleries often to showcase the African continents, food, clothing, etc..


    We will be adding more merchandise to the website to help us along our journey

  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?