Our Services

  • Our Services

    What do we offer on your voyage to Africa?
    We aim to offer a structured and unstructured learning environment in which your children can gain a deeper sense of their culture as African Americans, Africans and descendants of Africa. We will offer both merchandise and educational material to assist our children in the process of discovering a blueprint to the value they hold within themselves while encouraging them to love and celebrate who they are inside and out. Our goal is for our children to understand that everything about their entire existence screams masterpiece and excellence. The end goal is for our book to bring out the best in us while promoting:
    • Who they are and where they come from
    • Bridge the gap for them that exists between Africans, African Americans and other blacks in the world
    • Teach them about both their African and American history
    • To make sure they are educated and understand the power that they hold
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  • Other Services

    • Virtual Classes

      We will be offering virtual classes to educate you and your child on African Languages, dance, religion, culture, and food.

    • Interactive Website

      We will be updating our website to offer fun and interactive experiences for you and your child.

    • Blog Post

      We will be updating our blog posts to include more educational information designed to bridge the cultural gap.

    • YouTube Channel

      We will be creating in a YouTube channel where we will be having discussions about the African and the African American experience.

    • Affirmations

      We will be including more poetry and positive affirmations designed to empower our children.

    • Live Q and A Sessions

      We will be doing live Q and A sessions so that you and your child can ask questions about the information that we are providing.